Turn And Face The Change


This is excerpted from an email to a follower here on Substack, who wondered about my plans for the Substack and Medium Work Futures newsletters. I know it’s confusing:

I am going in a different direction. I will continue writing Work Futures posts at Medium, but I am uncertain about the way Medium is supporting newsletters there. Medium followers can opt to have posts emailed, which may undercut the utility of newsletters. It's unclear. While I have 13K+ followers, only a few hundred have opted to get the newsletter and the open rate is low (under 10%). I will probably continue a weekly update there, along the lines of the last few years.

At substack, I have a smaller following, but a higher open rate (above 20%).

I intend to transition the Substack newsletter to something different, with a different name, and a broader charter. Likely to be Another Voice, an initiative I started a few years ago and shelved. All the old materials will still be accessible there, but it will quickly become a different experiment in form and focus. Perhaps only a few posts a week, and with one only available to paid subscribers. The Another Voice posts will not be a scrapbook of various things I've encountered, but more in-depth digging into a specific topic per post, like platform ecosystems, topics in economics, or organizational change, for example.

At any rate, Work Futures will continue at Medium in one form or another, while the Substack pub will be changing.

Thanks for your support, wherever it comes.

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